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Here you will find what has been updated recently.


Yet another update, more stuff added. Still not up to date, but at least most things released up until 2020 should be in place.


After years of neglect, finally my homepage is updated with tons of my stuff, mostly demos!


A bunch of new stuff added, like my First ZX Spectrum demo and an Atari 2600 demo that I'm very proud of - dig the dotball!


Finally time for a new update. Many new demos added, I'm too lazy to list them all, just go check them out right here. Also the total number of releases has now reached the magic number 64, yeah! :)


A new year - a new platform. My first release for the Sony PlayStation 3, a Vectrex emulator port called PS3Vecx. I've also added a little Atari 2600 intro released late last year.


I've released a browser puzzle game called MazezaM under the SDW Developments label. Also added my Commodore PET demo that finished third in the @party competition in the US.


There are no limits a demo pushing the ZX81 to new levels! :). Also added my first Atari 2600 demo


My second attempt at ZX81 coding is now released, this time utilizing 16kb RAM expansion.


I finally registered a real domain to host this page, Not the most imaginative name, buth I thought that at least my initials and year of birth are likely to stay the same...
My old redirection will continute to point to this page for a (probably) long while as well.


My first little release of this year, Severely Limited Capabilities, a small demo for Sinclair ZX81.


Invasion of the big pixels, my first MSX-demo took 2nd place at the GREP White demo competition. I also finally took the time to update my blog.


I have forgotten to update the main page for a while, but better late than never! My VIC-20 demo Ancient School won the oldschool demo competition at the Sundown demo party about a month ago.


A little more than a week ago I was at the St:LCP 2008 demo party where I competed with two demos. The VMU demo won the mixed compo and PseudoCode ended up at 3rd in the C64 compo.
I also got a new toy that I have released a little 128 byte intro for.


Today I turn 32, and my C64 turns 20. To celebrate that I released a little C64 demo. I also finished a new J2ME game called Sycorax - Episode 1 a while ago.


After many attempts, I finally managed to win a demo competition! Uncharted Territory for the C64DTV won the mixed platform demo competition at BFP2007!


Released Hello DTV World my first demo for the DTV.


Added Two By Two a TI-83 demo that competed at Breakpoint 2007.


I've transfered some of my old C64 demos and added them to the site. Early nineties nostalgia! :)


Yet another 4k intro for J2ME has seen the light of day - 4th Dimension

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